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Swift Crash Reporting

Report an accident in just 4 easy steps

Intuitive User Experience

Easy navigation designed to be used at critical moments

Guide for Routing

A simple step-by-step to help you navigate the app

Accident Checklist

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Accident Checklist

Take Photos

Take and upload accident photos real-time, right from the scene of a crash.

Report Location

Map the location of the accident for yourself, your Attorney and law enforcement.

Add Witnesses

Add any drivers or passengers involved in the crash to provide accurate records.

Add Insurance Details

Streamline the process by entering brief insurance info before submitting a report.

No other app has these additional features


A simple and clean layout shows all CrashApp functions on a single page.

Accident History

File folders no more. CrashApp automatically tracks past incidents for your records.

My Profile

Create your own profile with only the necessary personal info.

Emergency Contacts

In the event of a crash, they’ve got your back. Upload emergency contacts for the victims of an accident.

Immediate Crash Assistance

CrashApp allows users to submit a complete accident report in 45 seconds or less. Within minutes of an accident, you’ll have crash assistance on your side.

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Web Portal for Attorney

Accidents, Users & Push Notification

Enjoy user data right in your browser. Our Attorney web portal connects CrashApp to the portal interface, so reported accidents and registered users are just a click away.

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Why CrashApp?

CrashApp exists to streamline the accident reporting process during and following the scene of an auto accident. To bridge the gap between firm and client, CrashApp provides necessary information for the client, the firm, and law enforcement all at the same time and at the fingertips of the persons involved.

With precious time saved and an incident reporting process made easy, CrashApp is a strategic solution to an age-old problem.

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